Goosenberg-Polisher, Inc. is a Third Party Administrator Company for qualified retirement plans.  
The scope of services provided is tailored to the needs of each client.

The services include: 
1. The processing of 401(k) deferrals from payroll records. 

2. The preparation of participant reports on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis, including the calculation of the value of each member’s account, evaluation of  Plan assets, and the total contribution to be made by the company for that period, if applicable.

3. The computation of the qualification testing on an annual basis; the calculation of alternative funding methods to meet the qualification tests if initial testing fails.

4. The preparation and filing of all forms required under the reporting and disclosure provisions of existing law, including Form 5500 and Form 1099R.

5. The maintenance of all records needed to prepare these forms and meet disclosure requirements.

6. The calculation of the vested interest, if any, and the handling of all matters in connection with the termination of employment of any member of the Plan.

7. The calculation and handling of all matters in connection with the retirement and/or death of any member.

8. The review of plan documents to ensure conformance with the IRS code, and discuss with the client if changes to the plan may be needed or desired.

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